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Mercedes vs. Whipme Spearz 3/1

Mercedes vs. Sin-D 2/7

Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim 2/2

Mercedes vs. Syren 2/1

Mercedes vs. Sonya Blackhawk 1/24

Mercedes and Lady Victoria vs. Tiny Tim and Mr. Main Event 1/18

Battle Royal 10/26

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Check out OVW TV tapings every Wednesday night at Davis Arena in Louisville, KY WWW.OVWRESTLING.COM

JULY 11,2003- OVW, Louisville, KY at Six Flags/Kentucky Kingdom...Jillian vs. Nikita

-JULY 16,2003- OVW, Louisville, KY at Davis Arena...Jillian Hall vs. Passion

JULY 19,2003- OVW, Carrollton, KY at the National Guard Armory...Jillian vs. Nikita

JULY 25,2003- OVW, Louisville, KY at Six Flags/Kentucky Kingdom...Jillian and WWE's Victoria vs. Nikita and Passion

JULY 29,2003- OVW, Hodgenville, KY at The Larue Co. fair...Jillian vs. Nikita

If you need directions to any of these events, contact me. Check back often for an updated list of appearances!

-July 2,2003; Jillian Hall defeated Passion with a top rope crossbody block.

-June 29,2003; Trinity defeated Jillian Hall

-June 28,2003; Jillian Hall, Linda Miles and Trinity defeated Jackie Gayda, Nurse Lulu and Passion

-June 25,2003; Nikita and Mark Magnus defeated Jillian Hall and Chris Cage

-June 22.2003; Jillian defeated Nikita

-June 21,2003; Jillian and Mark Henry defeated Passion and Lance Caid

-June 15,2003; Jillian defeated Tracy Taylor

-June 13,2003; Jillian and Linda Miles defeated Nurse Lulu and Passion

-June 7,2003; Linda Miles and Mark Henry defeated Jillian and Ben Woods in a mixed tag match.

-June 5,2003; Jillian defeated Nurse Lulu

-May 30,2003; Jillian defeated Passion

-May 28,2003; Jillian defeated Maxi Minx with a missle dropkick.

-May 21,2003; Passion defeated Jillian aka Macaela Mercedes

-May 17,2003; Linda Miles and Jillian defeated Passion and Nikita

-May 16,2003; Vernon, IN...Linda Miles defeated Jillian aka Macaela Mercedes with a school boy roll up.

-May 10,2003; Lima, OH...Macaela Mercedes defeated Lady Victoria with a victory roll.

-May 4,2003; Ft. Wayne, IN...Macaela Mercedes defeated Tiny Tim in a return grudge match.

-May 3,2003; Columbus, OH...Macaela Mercedes defeated Ox Harley in a special challenge match.

-April 26, 2003; akron, OH...Macaela Mercedes answered a challenge to do a handicap match against two male wrestlers, Darkstar and Unknown. MM hit a 450 splash on Unknown but their manager, Sex Symbol, pulled MM out of the ring and ran her into the pole. MM finally took her first loss of the year after Darkstar hit a swanton.

-April 19, 2003; Parsippany, NJ...Macaela Mercedes defeated Syren.

-April 19, 2003; New Jersey...Macaela Mercedes defeated Syren and Simply Luscious in a mini gauntlet style match.

-April 13, 2003; Cleveland, OH...Macaela Mercedes defeated Syren after coutering her springboard bulldog inro a belly to back suplex and flipping over for the pin.

-April 12, 2003; Painesville, OH...Macaela Mercedes was forced to referee 2 matches by commissioner Richard Weede. Due to the fact that she did not call it down the middle, Macaela was fired from NEPW.

-April 11,2003; Middletown, OH...Macaela Mercedes defeated Tiny Tim with a roll up after outside interference.

-April 6, 2003; Geneva, OH...Macaela Mercedes defeated Syren with a tornado ddt counter into a jack knife pin.

-April 5, 2003; Columbus, IN...Macaela Mercedes defeated Whipme Spearz to retain the HPW ladies title.

-March 29,2003; GLORY taping...stay posted to the GLORY site to find out when theis tape will be released. A lot of great action you don't want to miss.

-March 15,2003: Johnny Rays and I took on Lady Victoria, Tiny Tim and Mr. main Event in a handicap tag match. When i finally got a hold of Lady Victoria we ended up fighting on the outside all the way to the back. Meanwhile, Main Event went to hit my partner, Johnny Rays with brass knuckles, but he ducked and Tiny Tim got knocked out. Johnny threw MainEvent out of the ring and pinned Tiny Tim.

-March 14,2003: Roger Ruffen and I teamed up to take on Sin-D and Tiny Tim in an intergender tag match. Roger ended up getting the pin on Tiny Tim with a bulldog.

-March 9,2003: Madison should have just stayed in Australia! After she hit me with a painful
chokeslam, I put my foot on the ropes just in time to stop the count. She picked me up for a suplex, but I turned it into a small package and got the pin.

-March 8,2003: I pinned Syren after hitting a 450 splash.

-March 1,2003: I pinned Whipme Spearz after a sunset flip in the corner to retain my HPW ladie title. Rematch set for next month.

-February 7,2002: Tonight I took on former rival, Sin-D in a singles match which had been a long time coming. She and I had a back and forth match up that ended when I hit a somoan drop followed up bay a crash test splash. She wasn't too happy about my win, expect a rematch in the future! A picture page from this match has been added.

-February 2,2003: I was suppose to wrestle Crystal Carmichael for my WWA ladies title, but she canceled last minute. Tiny Tim decided to come out and put me down so I challenged him to a match. Later in the night, we had an awesome back and forth match! I took a lot of punishment but also dished it out. It may have been over when Tiny Tim reversed my hurricanranna off the ropes into a powerbomb, but he pulled me up saying that he wanted to punish me more. He threw me into the buckle and I hit a victory roll to win the match.

February 1,2003: HPW promoter, Jerry Wilson assignad a special referee to my title match against Syren. I was furious when i found out who he had gotten to ref.It was none other then Whipme Spearz. Well Syren and I wrestled, but it seemed like everytime I turned around Whipme was counting to slow or to fast in Syren's favor.At one point, I even reached into his shirt and pulled out one of his fake breasts. I went for the pin on Syren after reversing her springboard bulldog into a belly to back suplex. Whipme said that my feet were on the rope and refused to count it. I went to Whipme and was about to hit him, but Syren quickly rolled me up. Unfortunately I was prepared though and kicked out. I booted Syren and gave her a face buster and Whipme was forced to count the three when she didn't kick out. After the match, I walked up to Whipme and slapped him for giving me so much trouble in my match. Well, he turned around and gave me a shove right out of the ring. Next month Whipme and I will wrestle for my HPW ladies title.

-January 24,2003: Tonight was my first singles match since winning the GLORY championship. After hearing a lot of the fans from GLORY put my win down saying that it was not legit, I was out to prove a point! Poor Sonya Blackhawk was the unlucky victim. I have to admit that Sonya surprised me with a couple qick moves, but I soon took over and dominated her for most of the match. Maybe I was bragging a little much at one point 'cause when I turned around Sonya hit a tornado ddt on me. She went for the pin, but she was going to have to do better then that. She hooked me for her finisher, but I countered and picked her up on my shoulders to only throw her down hard with a somoan drop. I followed it up with a crash test splash and came out on top!

-January 18,2003: Lady Victoria and I were set for a one on one match and about to lockup. Out of nowhere, Tiny Tim and Mr. Main Event walk down the ramp with a microphone and begin to insult women. After a couple seconds of listening to this, Victoria and I were pretty mad! We turn around for a split second and the next thing we know we are being attacked by these two guys. They shot us off the ropes but we ducked their clotheslines and hit them with thez press's and crossbody's. They immediately crawled out of the ring, and Victoria and I decided to put our differences behind us and form a team. Victoria and I were on a roll, we were outsmarting these guys and hitting them with several high flying moves. I went up to the second turnbuckle but Tiny Tim jumped up and pulled me down with a armdrag that sent me flying across the ring.From that point, the 2 guys worked together and did everythung that they could to keep me away from my partner. Tiny Tim went to the top rope but just as he stepped to the top, I threw myself on the ropes to knock him down. I then climbed to the top and hit a hurricanrana that left us both laying in the ring. At about the 6 count, I tagged Victoria in and she was on fire! She hit both guys with clotheslines and bodyslams. She then hit Tiny Tim with a butterfly suplex and almost got the pin. Mr. Main Event came in and hit Victoria and the two of them wrestled to the outside. I took advantage of the situation and jumped up for a victory roll. I got the pin and won the match for Victoria and I! As the guys threw a fit on the outside, Victoria came in to celebrate with me! She raised my hand and the next thing I know, she hit me with a huge clothesline. All three of them were kicking me and choking me and I was almost lifeless! Johnny Rays and Shadow ran down to the ring to chase them off and help me up! Look for the pictures to be up soon!

-January 12,2003: This was a rematch for the GLORY championship. Me vs. Phoenix, and what a rematch it was!! After battling bad weather coming from Cleveland the previous night and having a bad case of the flu, it was amazing that I even made it. There was no way I was going to pass up a shot at the GLORY title though!Phoenix and I had an all out 20 minute battle from bell to bell. I admit that i took a lot of beating in this match at the hamds of a healthy Phoenix. Towards the end of the match, we were hitting several pinning combinations back and forth while we heard people beginning to count down.I hit a victory roll at about 15 seconds, but she amazingly kicked out! I took her to the corner and shot her off quickly but she reversed me in. I threw up my boot and she ran into it, I jumped up to the second buckle and hit a second rope x-factor on her with 3 seconds remaining. Time ran out at about the 1 count, so I didn't get the actual pin.Here is where the controversy begins...Miss B Havin comes out to the ring while we are arguing over who got the win. He states how AWF has a new rule in 2003...There will be no draws, a winner must be determined in each match! Therefore, the referee would determine the winner in this match. The referee said that since I was the one with the final pin that I should be declared the champion! So, I am now the new GLORY champion!!

-January 11,2003: I made an unscheduled appearance at the New Era Pro Wrestling show in Painesville, OH and demanded a spot on the show. The commisioner decided to give me a spot, but it wasn't exactly the spot that I was looking for. He took off his ref shirt and told me that I would be refereeing a tag team tables match. The teams were The Munchies vs. Forsaken. The Munchies tried to put me through a table about half way through the match, but thankfully Forsaken was there to stop it. In the end, Forsaken came out on top! I earned a match on the next show for reffing this!

-January 4,2003:Syren earned a shot at my newly won HPW ladies title, so like a fighting champ, I was ready to go! Syren again surprised me when she hit several moves on me, but I had not forgotten about last week when she rolled me up for a quick pin, and I was there for revenge!I pulled out all kinds of punishment and left her laying in the middle of the ring after hitting a somoan drop followed by a crash test splash. I retained my title, but that wasn't good enough for me! I continued to kick her and then hit a reverse ddt and threw her out of the ring. I then happily celebrated while forcing the ref to wreap the belt around my waist! Look for this match to be up for sale soon along with a picture page!

-December 28,2002: Syren and I took our feud to prison!! We battled it out in the Eastern KY correctional Complex in two matches for two different groups of prisoners! Considering we were wrestlingin front of a huge group of male inmates, we both recieved a wild ovation walking to the ring! I demanded that they shut up and listen to me though and I let them know that they would never be good enough to have a Bombshell like me and that I would have no prblem taking everyone of them out! Well, Syren and I fought a hard battle and I came out on top after a backbreaker and a crash test splash! The next match, we again both got a standing ovation, but again, my insults made me the less favorite! We again went at it hard, this time Syren knew a little more what to expect though. After hitting a face buster, Syren kicked out and I was furious at the referee. I went to him and started to punch him, but Syren came from behind and rolled me up for a quick pin. I went crazy and chasd the ref to the back! Syren, we have a rematch this weekend, and I want revenge!!

-December 20,2002: Tonight was my IWI debut in Cincinnati. I wrestled a girl named Tygressa from Puerto Rico. I had never heard of this girl so I didn't get to do and homework on her. I wasn't prepared for her highly aggressive cheating ways. I did hold my own though! I hit several moves on her that sent her flying across the ring! In the end though, I took my time getting on the top rope and she came to her feet and threw me off. She went to shoot me into the buckle, but I reversed her and charged in. She moved out of the way and rolled me up (with a handful of tights) to get the win!

-December 13,2002: PCW ran a 4-way match to determine their new ladies champion. Scheduled to go at it were, myself, Lady Victoria, Sin-D and Ashley Ballbreaker. Sin-D and I went in with an alliance formed, and our plan was to ATTACK! Well, that's exactly what we did! I ran into the ring and attacked Victoria from behind and Sin-d did the same to Ashley. We got them in the corner and went to run them together, but our plans backfired and Sin-d and I collided like a car crash! Well, there went that alliance! From that point on, it was every woman for herself! At one point, Victoria slammed Sin-d on the mat and went to the top rope for a splash. Sin-d quickly moved out of the way. I ran in to take advantage of the situation. I went for a fender bender on Victoria, but she moved out of the way. Then Ashley went to do a big leg drop on me, but I got out of there. We were all lifeless in the ring for a few seconds! Finally Ashley and Sin-d began taking their feud to the outside and Lady Victoria walked into a boot and a face buster. I then went to the top rope and did a 450 splash, but unfortunately I hit the mat rather then Victoria. She then rolled me up for a quick pin!

-December 7,2002: Tonight was a tournament to declare the first ever HPW ladies champion.
Four ladies competed, Macaela Mercedes, Lexie Fyfe, The Diva and Syren. The first two names drawn to go at it were The Diva and myself. We both went at it hard, determined to proceed to the next round. Diva went to the top to hit a crossbody block, but I rolled through and got the pin. The next ladies match was veteran, Lexie Fyfe vs. new comer, Syren. I didn't see what all happened in this one because I was in the back preparing to become the champion. All I know is, Lexie Fyfe ended up winning this one! In the final round, Lexie and I fought a very hard battle with both of us giving it all we had. There were several pin attempts in hopes of winning the gold. In the end, your Bombshell prevailed with a victory roll. There you have it, The new HPW ladies champion, ME!!

-November 30,2002:Indianapolis, IN, I was set to take on Charlie Boy for the first time. She had a little more spunk then I thought she was going to have! But in the end, she fell victim to the crash test splash and I got the win! Later on, it was apparent that My boys, The Bomb Squad couldn't make the show. So, as the only member in attendance, I was forced to defend Rob's heavyweight title for him. I was outraged, I am not a heavyweight!! Tiny Tim had defeated me last month to earn a shot at the belt, so it was going to be him and I! Well, I was just too tired after wrestling Charlie Boy earlier. Tiny Tim took advantage of that and came out on top with a powerbomb! Rob, if you read this, I am sooo sorry!!

-November 29,2002:Greenfield, IN, I had demanded a rematch for the CIW ladies title. The Diva got in the ring and started running her mouth and I really didn't feel like hearing it! I came in and immediately started hitting high impact moves on her. I went for the Crash test splash but she put her knees up. Then she continued to punish me with chokes, kicks and several painful moves. She took a little too much time on the second turnbuckle and I moved out of the way of an elbow drop. I took advantage of the situation and threw her around the ring. I hit a victory roll to get the pin and become 2X CIW ladies champion! Look for pictures to come soon!

-November 28,2002:Indianapolis, IN, This was the finals of the ICW ladies tournament. It came down to myself and The Diva. She was really mad at me after turning on her as her tag team partner. Well, I almost had her several times, I played the game with no rules! Well, I went to the top rope to hit a cross body block, but I must have flew with so much momentum that it turned her over on top of me. The referee counted to 3 (way too fast)and Diva won this one. Look for pictures to come soon!

-November 24,2002:Toronto,Ontario,CA, This was my shot at the G.L.O.R.Y title against Phoenix. I went into this thinking that I was going to play just as nasty as I knew Phoenix was going to. However, when I walked out and got the warm welcome from the Canadian fans, I decided that I was going to win this fair and square. She started off by attacking me from behind. She then shot me off and tried to clothesline me, but I ducked and hit a thez press. I started laying in some punches and hit some really effective moves. After a neck breaker, she quickly backed to the corner saying that she had enough. I followed her in but she grabbed onto me and threw me in the buckle.After that, she did A LOT of cheating mixed in with several powerful moves. Finally, she tried to shoot me off but I pulled her in and hit the x-factor. We were both hurting pretty bad after that! I got to her and tried to shoot her off but she reversed me in. I ducked her clothesline and hit a tilta whirl headscissors, a flying elbow and a slam. I went to the top rope and hit a crossbody block. I thought it was over but at 2 and a half, she kicked out. I threw her into the buckle and charged in, but she moved and gave me a schoolboy rollup. Needless to say, she put her feet on the ropes for added leverage and got the pin!

-November 23,2002:Palo Alto, PA, Here I wrestled Lexie Fyfe. Going into this match, Lexie had a major attitude problem! We went out there to wrestle, but she was throwing everything illegal that she could think of at me. She went for her second rop elbow drop but I moved out of the way. I hopped up to the second turnbuckle and pulled her in for a victory roll. I got the win this time!

-November 16,2002:Farmington, NM, I wrestled The Diva in a really good back and forth match. There were a lot of pin attempts especially towards the end. I went for my 450 splash off the top rope, but Diva moved out of the way and I hit the the ring hard. She then hit a double underhook ddt on me and I barely kicked out. I admit, it took all I had. She shot me into the turnbuckle and tried to follow it up with something, but she ran into my elbow. I then pulled her into me and hopped onto her shoulders for a victory roll. She complained at the end of the match that I had her tights, but I was only pulling her pants up for her!

-November 9,2002:Litchfield,IN, Lady Victoria and I took our fued into Michigan. This match started when I attacked Victoria and threw her accross the ring by her hair. She then,cut me off with a belly to back suplex and began to throw me around like a rag doll. Well I didn't appreciate that so I began to play pretty dirty. I choked and kicked and threw in some of my top moves. I really wore her down.Then, somehow she came back with all these powerful suplexes. She almost had me on her butterfly suplex, but I barely kicked out. She tried to shoot me in the buckle, but i countered and hit a face buster. She was too close to the ropes and grabbed them to break it up. I went to the top rope, but I guess I took too much time. She came over and threw me right off! i guess that took all her energy because she fell right down. I made my way up in the corner and she came chrging at me but I gave her a little eye gouge and hopped up to the second rope. She came in and punched me in the gut, picked me right up and powerbombed me. Well, she got lucky bacause I decided to rest and not kick out this time! I'll get her next time!

-November 7,2002:Hazard,KY, I beat Syren with a face buster, but then was attacked by what appeared to be a drag queen. He and Syren continued to kick me until Johnny Noble came out and ran them off.

-November 2,2002:Columbus,IN, Lexie Fyfe and I were set for a lumberjack match and there was no doubt in my mind that I was going win this one. I had made big deals with several of the lumberjacks! Well, Lexie came at me with so many moves that I had to take a break on the outside. No big deal though, I was fortunate enough to slide out to the side with my friends. Before I had even caught my breathe though, some of the other guys came over and decided to start something and I was thrown back in. After hitting a face buster on Lexie, the advantage was all mine! I had about 5 guys on the outside who wanted to see me come out on top! I threw her to the outside several times and she got a real good thumpin'! Somehow, sho got the energy to thrwo me off of her and knock me down with a really hard clothesline.She hit some suplexes on me and it took a lot for me to kick out. I finally cut her off when she went to powerbomb me. I swept her legs out and slammed her. I went to the top to hit the 450 splash, but when i reached the mat, she wasn't there. She hit a second rope splash on me but luckily, one of my buddies pulled her to the outside. When she was thrown back in, I went to shoot her off but she reversed me. She threw a dropkick but I was a step ahead! I hooked the ropes and she fell to the mat. I turned around to flex my muscles to and laugh at everyone who wanted me to lose, but as soon as I did that, Lexie slid in from behind and rolled me up for the pin! It's ok though, I'll get her next month in the tournament to determine the ladies champion!

-October 27,2002:Muncie, IN, I made my way to the ring along with my attitude! I grabbed the mic from the announcer and stated how I was sick of defeating all these girls and not having a women's belt to show for it. I demanded a shot at the cruiserweight title. Then I announced my personal referee, Whipme Spearz. Now I was guarenteed a win and a belt!! Tiny Tim came out and we began wrestling a back and forth match in which we both broke all the rules, but who really cared? I know the ref didn't! After several close pin attempts by us both, I went to the top rope for a cross body block. I hit it but he pulled my leg and rolled through to where he was pinning me. He even had a hand full of tights. I wouldn't have believed it if i didn't see it myself, but my own referee, my partner in crime, Whipme, counted 3 and I lost the match! I was furious!! I pushed him, he pushed me, I pushed him back almost got ugly, but then he saw the error of his way and got down on his knee to apologize! I accepted this time, but he better be careful!

-October 26,2002:Garfield,NJ, Tonight I went one on one with Ariel and took part in a women's battle royal to determine the JWA ladies champion! First was the singles match...I don't think Ariel or even New Jersey in general was reday for The Bombshell's intrusion. When I packed my bags for Jersey I brought every dirty trick that I had with me. Ariel had some good moves that almost put me out a couple times though. She hit a tornado ddt on me and it took all I had to get out of that one. After a coupl of punches to her gut and a 'legal' eye rake, I hit a back breaker on her and followed it up with a crash test splash. I got the pin and proved myself to be unstoppable no matter what territory I'm in! I must add though, the referee for the match, Evil Zebra, may not have seen my hand on her tights! Later on all of the participants for the battle royal made their way to the ring. These included..Macaela Mercedes, Ariel, Tiffani Monroe, Luxurious Lynne, Sienna Blaze and Nikki Valentine. Everyone went out one by one until it came down to Ariel, Tiffani and myself. Tiffani and I double teamed Ariel and than tried to double cothesline her over the ropes. Unfortunately, our plan backfired and Ariel pulled down the ropes so that we eliminated ourselves. Ariel, I haven't forgotten about you!!

-October 20,2002:Columbus,IN, Apollo Star and myself went into a mixed tag match against Tiny Tim and The Diva. This was a long back and forth match that was very impressive! However, me and Apollo were unstoppable! I hit the 450 splash on The Diva to get the win! This match will be up for sale in the next couple of days!

-October 18,2002:Indianapolis,IN, I threw on a mask, disguised myself and called myself 'Mysteria' because I had a little surprise for Indianapolis! I went up against Sonya Blackhawk in the semi-finals match for the ICW women's title. In the end I came out on top with a fisherman's suplex and immediately celebrated by throwing Sonya right out of the ring. The diva (who had previously advanced to the finals) made her way to the ring to congratulate me on my win. As she walked away, I grabbed her and hit a face buster on her. I grabbed the mic and revealed nyself as Mercedes.The fans were in shock and so was The Diva! Everyone listened as I insulted the fans and The Diva. I mentioned how I had got her to where she is today and I was tired of carrying her. Well i guess she had enough because she came charging at me and we went at it! It took several officials to break us up. Next month, on Thanksgiving night, The Diva and myself will battle it out for the ICW ladies title!

-October 12,2002:Ravenswood, WV, Last minute I was called in to take on the Diva in a singles match. After a back and forth matchup, I ended up getting the win with a victory roll. Later on, I took part in a battle royal. The Diva and I went after each other the whole time, it was a big chop fest!! It came down to The Diva, a weasel manager and myself. They double teamed me until I was really weak. The Weasel turned his back to me so he could yell at the crowd and while he did that, The Diva went for a clothesline but I pulled the rope down and she flew over and was eliminated. The weasel turned around to see that it was just him and me. I kicked him and hit a face buster then threw him over the top rope to win the Battle Royal!

-October 5,2002:Sandusky, MI, Mia Martinez and I wrestled each other for the vacant BWCW women's title. In the end, I came out on top when Mia went for a top rope crossbody and I side stepped her pushing her down to the mat hard. All I had to do was pin her and I became the first ever BWCW ladies champion!

-September 20,2002:Anderson, IN, Lady Victoria and I were set to go one on one, but there was one thing I needed to do before we started the match! I brought out my very own special referee. Who was it? None other then Whipme Spearz! After wrestling Whipme only one week ago, we got to talking and he/she realized that I was truly the greatest wrestler he/she had ever been in the ring with! In return Whipme wanted to do me a favor by getting rid of the horrible referee's that I have had to deal with lately! Victoria thought she had me after hitting a top rope crossboby, but all of a sudden I felt a special force pull my leg through to where I was on top. Well we proved to be a promising duo when I pinned Lady Victoria 1-2-3!!

-September 18,2002:Barboursville,WV, Brandi Alexander and I wrestled in an outdoor match. Brandi was clearly cheating the whole match, but I managed to pull off several moves on her that left her hurting! Unfortunately in the end, Brandi got the pin after a sunset flip in the corner and a hand full of tights!

-September 14,2002:Greenfield,IN, Those in attendance had the privlidge of seeing me wrestle in two different matches. First round of the women's tournament I took on Whipme Spearz. Now I would have complained about a he/she being in the tournament if something would have gone wrong, but fortunately, I came out on top (with a sunset flip out of the corner [with added leverage]) and advanced to the championship match! Later on in the evening, I took on The Diva who had previously gotten past Sonya Blackhawk. I should have had this match won, but The Diva had the advantage with her manager Apollo Star on the outside. Seeing that the Diva was about to be defeated, Apollo pulled her right out from under me. While thr referee went out with the Diva, Apollo came from behind and knocked me out with the women's championship belt. I was defeated, but this is by far not over!!

-September 7,2002:Columbus,IN, I thought I was off the hook for the night. I was just going to sit back and relax! Until Lexie Fyfe showed up. She had no business there, but being the athlete I am, I took the match anyways! Lexie and i wrestled a very long back and forth match up until time expired! It's a good thing too, because she hit a powerbomb on me that was very painful!!

-August 31,2002:Pennington Gap,VA, I took on Lady Victoria again, this time at the Lee County fair. I have to say that she and I had a great back and forth match. Unfortunately for her, this time I came out on top with a victory roll!

-August 25,2002:Hudson,OH, For the third consecutive time in this weekend, I again wrestled Tiny Tim. In this match, I hit a 450 splash from the top rope to get the pin.

-August 24,2002:Edingurgh,IN, I wrestled Tiny Tim again for the second time this weekend. While Tim went to the referee to complain about slow counts, I gave him a back slide to win the match.

-August 23,2002:Indianapolis,IN, I decided to join up with old time friends Rob Williams and Dozer this night. I wrestled Tiny Tim and I should have won this, but Wild cat Chris Harris had to stick his nose in our business. He ran out and chased Rob to the back and left me out there all alone. Tiny Tim beat me with a fisherman's suplex.

-August 7,2002:Urbana,OH, Mercedes wrestled Lady Victoria. After a back and forth matchup, Lady Victoria beat Mercedes with a tornado ddt. Check out some of the pictures from this match up now on the main menu.

-August 3,2002:Columbus,IN, I came out to the ring with my mystery partner, Poison Apollo Star. We had to face Tiny Tim and The Diva in a mixed tag match.
The Diva and I were fighting on the outside when Tim hit the spin splash on Apollo,I hurried in and broke that up right before the 3 count though. I was minding my own business when Diva came into the ring behind me and hit me with what she calls The Diva station (an inverted DDT). Luckily, my partner broke that up and gave her a super kick. Tim was thrown to the outside and I covered her to get the win!

-July 26,2002:Anderson,IN Crystal Carmichael decided that she was going to wrestle me after being my partner several months ago. Well, this turned out to be a bad move on her part. She did almost have me pinned after hitting a standing senton on me. I kicked out with all I had though. She then picked me up for some kind of a stunner but I wiggled my way out of that, spun her around and hit the face buster on her. I then quickly hit the crash test splash and pinned her 1-2-3!

-July 21,2002:Columbus,IN, I wrestled The Diva in an evening gown match. Yes, I know, Mercedes doing T&A??...Well, I had taken some safety precautions just in case. After Diva pushed me off the turnbuckle, she pulled my dress right over my head. Well much to everyones surprise, I had on shorts and a shirt underneath. That will teach them to mess with me! She may have officially won this one, but I will get her next month!

-July 20,2002:Cambridge,OH, The Diva and I teamed up again to take on Brandi Alexander and Brandi Wine. After a back and forth match, The Brandi's won this one by double teaming The Diva to get the pin.

-July 19,2002:Indianapolis,IN, Lexie Fyfe and Mighty Heidi showed up in ICW to wrestle myself and The Diva in a return tag match. I had them right where I wanted them, but then I tagged Diva in and guess what...she was almost immediately cut off and started taking a horrible beating. Every little bit she would do something and I thought that she would make the tag, but she wouldn't tag me. I got so mad that I just walked off and left her there to get destroyed, and trust me, it wasn't pretty!

-July 13,2002:Akron,OH, Tiny Tim went out to the ring and began to put down all women in wrestling. When I had enough, I made my way to the ring and Tiny Tim and I got right to business. The action was back and forth until Mercedes rolled Timmy up for the 3 count. Check out this feds site at

-July 7,2002:Indianapolis,IN, I wrestled Tiny Tim again, and again he fell victim to the victory roll.

-July 6,2002:Mt. Sterling,KY, Tiny Tim demanded a rematch with me, so naturally I accepted. Tiny Tim broke every rule in the book trying to punish me for embaressing him 2 weeks ago. I had Tiny Tim covered but his manager, Bobby Blade, pulled me off of him. I then slapped Bobby for interfering, but Tiny Tim rolled me up and pulled my tights to win.

-June 29,2002:Livonia,MI, Mercedes, Dick Trimmins and The security guard took on the team of The Diva and the Cold brothers. I honestly couldn't even tell you how the finish of this match went! After I finally got the tag at the end, I hit the face buster on Diva. Someone pulled my leg to the outside, so I pulled Diva right out with me. We ended up fighting all the way to the back. I am pretty sure that The Cold's got the pin, but I wasn't there to see what happened.

-June 28,2002:Livonia,MI, Mercedes and The Diva went at it again in a singles match. After a hard fought battle on both ends in the outside heat, Mercedes won this one with a victory roll.

-June 26,2002:Yorktown,IN, Mercedes wrestled tiny Timmy in an intergender match. Mercedes won with a victory roll.

-June 22,2002:Mt. Sterling,KY, Tiny Tim was whining that he didn't have an opponent, so Mercedes made her way out to the ring and volunteered to wrestle him. After he refused, I grabbed the mic and asked him if he was scared that he would be beat by a girl? That did it! Tiny Tim charged into the ring, but I was on my game. I admit that I did take a lot of punishment in this one. Tiny Tim gave me a devestating powerbomb, and he probably would have won the match, but he pulled me up saying that he wanted to punish me more. He shot me into the turnbuckle and I hit him with a victory roll and got the quick pin!

-June 21,2002:Indianapolis,IN, Mercedes and the Diva took on Lexie Fyfe and her mystery partner who turned out to be Mighty Heidi. Heidi was definately hard to knock off her feet! The Diva was pretty much beat down by our two opponents this whole match. When Diva finally did make the tag, I thought that we had them! Lexie rolled onto the floor and I followed her out to make sure that she didn't interupt the pin that Diva was getting on Heidi. Well...much to my surprise, I turned around and The Diva had been pinned by Mighty Heidi!! I was furious! Finally The Diva and the fans explained to me that Heidi had pulled Diva's tights to win. Although I was still a little upset. The Diva and i made up and left the ring together.

-June 16,2002:Columbus,IN, Mercedes wrestles The Diva and comes out victorious with the crash test splash. Check out picture page 6 for action shots of this match.

-June 8,2002:Branson,MO, In Mercedes' first match of the night, she took on The Diva. I must say that Diva gave Mercedes a run for her money and almost pinned Mercedes with a reverse DDT, but Mercedes found the strength to kick out somehow. Mercedes ended up winning this one with a missle dropkick. Later in the night, Lexie Fyfe had to defend her PGWA title against Mercedes. Mercedes was defenitely out for the gold pulling out all the stops. After an eye injury and a knee injury, Lexie still pulled off the win, pinning Mercedes with a powerbomb out of nowhere. While Lexie celebrated her win, Mercedes got up and knocked her down again working on Lexie's already injured knee. Mercedes went to the outside and wrapped it around the pole several times. If Mercedes wasn't going to win the gold that night, she was going to make sure that Lexie didn't forget about her for future title defenses!!

-June 6,2002:Hazard,KY, Mercedes went out announced that she had no opponent that night and challenged anyone in the building, claiming that her arms were the biggest that town had ever seen. Tiny Tim accepted the challenge! Mercedes and Tiny Tim had a back and forth match with Mercedes getting the win after giving Tiny Tim a DDT on a chair.

-June 1,2002:Columbus,IN, Tiny Tim, The American Kickboxer and Terek The Great were set to have a 3-way match for the HPW lightweight title. However, Terek did not show up, so Mercedes was entered into the match to take his place. Mercedes and Kickboxer worked together most of the match to ware Tiny Tim down. In the end, Tim hit Kickboxer with a bulldog and rolled Mercedes up for the win and to retain his lightweight title.

-May 25,2002:Columbia City,IN, Mercedes defended her WWA women's championship belt against The Diva. Mercedes was victorious after pinning the Diva with a victory roll.

-May 21,2002:Warren,OH, (Mercedes wrestled in 3 matches) First, Mercedes wrestled Lexie Fyfe and won with a crash test splash and a hand full of tights! Second, Mercedes wrestled Hellena Heavenly and not far into a back and forth match Little Jeanie and Lexie Fyfe ran into the ring and attacked both ladies. It ended in a double DQ and a lot of commotion. Later, Mercedes and Hellena came out to the ring together and called out Lexie and Jeanie. They went into an immediate tag match that ended when Mercedes got punched in the jaw with a chain by Lexie fyfe. What a night!!

-May 17,2002:Indianapolis,IN, Mercedes and The Diva wrestled Lady Vendetta and Moonpuppy in a tag match. This was the first time that Mercedes and Diva have actually worked as a team since The Diva has become a fan favorite. Mercedes hit the x factor on Vendetta and The Diva hit a reverse DDT on Moonpuppy to get a double pin victory.

-May 11,2002:Ft. Wayne,IN, In Mercedes' first match of the night, she along with tag partners Bo Bo Brazil Jr. and Dick "The Bruiser" Jr. took on The Diva, Dozer and "The Bomb" Rob Williams.Mercedes hit the missle dropkick on The Diva and had her pinned but Lexie Fyfe had to stick her nose in where it didn't belong. Lexie ran to the ring and gave Mercedes a DDT and The Diva got the pin. Later in the night, Mercedes and tag partner Crystal Carmichael took on The Diva and Lexie Fyfe. Mercedes hit Lexie and The Diva with the missle dropkick to get the pin.

-May 10,2002:Barbourville,KY, Mercedes and Lexie Fyfe locked it up again. Mercedes came out victorious in this one.

-May 3.2002:Mt. Airy,NC, Mercedes and Lexie Fyfe wrestled in a loser wears a bikini match. Lexie hit Mercedes with a crossbody block off the ropes but Mercedes rolled thru and got a quick pin. It's a possibility that Mercedes may have pulled the tights but Lexie was the one in a bikini!HA HA

-May 2,2002:Hazard,KY, Mercedes and Lexie Fyfe went at it again in a rematch from the 3 way last month. After several pin attempts by both girls, Lexie ended up victorious with a powerbomb.

-April 20,2002:Mt. Olivet,KY, Mercedes defeated newcomer Miss Perfection with the face buster.

-April 19,2002:Indianapolis,IN, In an interview to explain her actions, The Diva called out Mercedes to ask a favor. The Diva asked that since Mercedes had proven time and time again that she can beat Lexie Fyfe, can she please have a shot at her tonight. Mercedes accepted and as she was about to leave the ring, The Diva asked her if she would be in her corner tonight to make sure that Lexie don't cheat. After a back and forth match between The Diva and Lexie Fyfe, the referee got knocked down accidently by the Diva. As she went to check on him, Lexie decided that she would go for The Diva's purse and take advantage of the situation. As she pulled the purse back to hit Diva, Mercedesslid in the ring and grabbed it from behind and hit Lexie with it. As a result, The Diva got the win.

-April 4,2002:Hazard,KY, Mercedes, Lexie Fyfe and Nicole Star went at it in a three way match. After Lexie hit a bulldog on Nicole, Mercedes attacked Lexie from behind and threw her out of the ring to get the win.

-March 30,2002:Kingsland,GA, Mercedes wrestled Lexie Fyfe in another great match. This time Mercedes pinned Lexie by rolling her up.

-March 29,2002:Biloxi,MS, This was an all female show from the Babes of wrestling with an amazing card. Lexie Fyfe pinned Mercedes after an awesome match up.

-March 28.2002:Raleigh,NC, In a three way match between Mercedes Lexie Fyfe and Alexis Laree. Alexis Laree came out on top to remain the diva's champion.

-March 20,2002:Lexington,KY, Mercedes wrestled Lexie Fyfe in a back and forth match. Lexie ended up powerbombing Mercedes to win this one.

-March 16,2002:Greenfield, IN, Mercedes defended her women's title against Lady Victoria and Lexie Fyfe in a three way match. In the end, Mia Martinez came down to the ring and knocked Mercedes out with the belt. Lexie than covered her to pick up the win.

-March 15,2002:Indianapolis,IN, Mercedes faced off against Lexie Fyfe with the Diva as the special guest referee. Lexie continued to get in The Diva's face the whole match about her slow counts. So after a hard fought battle by both women, Lexie hit a running bulldog on Mercedes and went for the pin, The Diva refused to count though. After Lexie backed the Diva into the corner and slapped her, Mercedes rolled Lexie up and got the win. Post match: Lexie attacked the Diva and Mercedes, making her way to the back turned around to see this. Mercedes ran back into the ring and pulled Lexie off giving her several punches. Lexie than rolled on top and punched Mercedes. The Diva pulled Lexie off Mercedes and clotheslined herout of the ring. The Diva than reached her hand out to Mercedes and Mercedes accepted. Could this be the formingof a possible alliance?

-March 2,2002:Columbus,IN, Mercedes lost her cruiserweight title to Tiny Tim after he powerbombed her.

-February 23,2002:Mooresville,IN,Mercedes defeated The Blackwidow with a face buster.

-February 16,2002:Greenfield,IN,Lady Victoria had to defend her CIWI women's title to three other women in a four way match. The contenders were Mercedes, Lexie Fyfe and Mia Martinez. While Lexie and Mia were on the outside fighting, Mercedes jumped onto Lady Victoria and gave her a victory roll to become the new CIWI women's champion!

-February 15,2002:Indianapolis,IN,Mercedes wrestled in a handicap match against Lexie Fyfe and The Diva with Tiny tim in their corner. With the clear advantage going to the opposing team, Mercedes was beat down almost the entire match until she hit a double ddt out of nowhere. Mercedes ended up throwing the Diva out of the ring and hitting Lexie with a missle dropkick. Tiny Tim popped up on the apron and distracted the ref. The Diva then came from behind and went to hit Mercedes with her purse but Mercedes ducked out of the way and knocked Lexie back down. Mercedes then dropkicked The Diva out of the ring and pinned Lexie to get the win!

-February 10,2002:Cleveland,OH,Mercedes and Lady Victoria went at it again. In the end, Mercedes was victorious when she hit the missle dropkick and got the 1-2-3.

-February 9,2002:Painesville,OH,Mercedes wrestled Lady Victoria in a return grudge match. While Mercedes was flexing her muscles to the referee, Victoria gave Mercedes a backslide and got the win.

-February 8,2002:Lucasville,OH, Mercedes and tiny Tim defended their tag team titles against Shawn Casey and Trik Nasty. Shawn Casey's manager cost Mercedes and Tiny Tim the belts when he hit Mercedes with his cane.

-February 2,2002:Ft. Wayne,IN, The belt was on the line to crowm a new women's champion for the WWA. Mercedes wrestled The Diva with The Bomb Squad in her corner.Mercedes ended up hitting The Diva with a missle dropkick to become the new WWA women's champion.

-January 26,2002:Painesville,OH, Mercedes beat Lady Victoria with a victory roll(and maybe some of her tights ended up in Mercedes' hand).A rematch is scheduled for Feb. 9th.

-January 25,2002:Kingsport,TN, Mercedes beat Brandi Alexander after the New York Dynasty interfered.

-January 18,2002:Indianapolis,IN, Mercedes wrestled Lexie Fyfe. Mercedes hit the missle dropkick on Lexie when Tiny Tim distracted the referee. Mercedes got about a 6 count then got up to see what was keeping the ref. Mercedes turned around right into a purse shot from The Diva. Lexie Fyfe then got the 3 count. Next month, Mercedes will wrestle Lexie Fyfe and The Diva in a handicap match.

-January 12,2002:Greenfield,IN, As the #1 contender to the women's belt, Mercedes got a title shot against Lady Victoria. In a desperate move to gain the title, Mercedes grabbed the belt and tried to hit Victoria. Victoria ducked out of the way though and attempted the same thing. After accidentally knocking down the referee, he was so frusterated that he decided to rule this match a double disqualification. Expect a rematch very soon.

-January 5,2002:Columbus,IN, Mercedes faced Joey Venture in a cruiserweight title match. Joey had Mercedes in position to give her a powerbomb when "The Dynasty" ran down to the ring and attacked him. Mercedes was disqualified, but she kept her title and that's all that matters!

-January 4,2002:Lucasville,OH, Mercedes and Tiny Tim "The Giant Killer" defended their tag team title belts against Meltdown and Bobby L. Mercedes got mad when she was knocked to the outside of the ring, therefore, she grabbed her belt and knocked out Meltdown with it to get the win. Mercedes and Tiny Tim continue to be the SWF tag team champions.

-December 28,2001:Indianapolis,IN, Mercedes came to the ring alone to introduce her mystery partner for the big match against Tiny Timmy and The Diva.At last we found out that it was none other then long time friend and foe, Lexie Fyfe. After a fast paced beginning and Mercedes and Lexie thourouly working their opponents over. Tiny Tim hit a second rope bulldog on Mercedes. The Diva and Tiny Tim tagged in and out punishing Mercedes. Finally Mercedes hit an x-factor on The Diva and quickly tagged in Lexie. After Lexie clotheslind both The Diva and Tiny Tim she turned around to the recovering Mercedes and hit her with a DDT. She then stepped aside and allowed Tiny Tim to pin Mercedes.Why did Lexie Fyfe turn on Mercedes? She claims that she has not forgotten the past when Mercedes gave Lexie a black eye!