Mercedes vs. Sin-D
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Mercedes vs. Whipme Spearz 3/1

Mercedes vs. Sin-D 2/7

Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim 2/2

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Mercedes vs. Sonya Blackhawk 1/24

Mercedes and Lady Victoria vs. Tiny Tim and Mr. Main Event 1/18

Battle Royal 10/26

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Newark, OH 2/7/03
Marvin Brewer

Mercedes makes her entrance

Sin-D twists Mercedes' arm
Mercedes surprises Sin-D with a thez press
Mercedes gives Sin-D a hiptoss
Sin-D chokes Mercedes on the ropes
Mercedes gives Sin-D a face buster
Sin-D gets hit with a flying elbow
Mercedes bodyslams Sin-D
Sin-D gets out of the way of a fender bender
Sin-D hits a springboard bulldog
Sin-D up for a somoan drop
Now Sin-D goes down with the somoan drop
Mercedes hits a crash test splash
And...the final pin!