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Mercedes vs. Whipme Spearz 3/1

Mercedes vs. Sin-D 2/7

Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim 2/2

Mercedes vs. Syren 2/1

Mercedes vs. Sonya Blackhawk 1/24

Mercedes and Lady Victoria vs. Tiny Tim and Mr. Main Event 1/18

Battle Royal 10/26

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Mercedes tells promoter Jerry Wilson how it is!

Mercedes does a roundoff elbow

Mercedes sunset flips Lexie Fyfe

Lady Victoria is trapped in a figure four

Mercedes hits Whipme where it counts

Mercedes pins The Diva

Mercedes crashes into the mat.

Lexie fyfe gives Mercedes a hard chop!

"Here I am!"

Mercedes about to hit the 450 splash!

"You people, shut up!"

Making my entrance

Mercedes gives The Diva a couple of elbows

Mercedes makes her way to the ring

Mercedes and The Diva as a team?

Mercedes and Hellena Heavenly after their match

Mercedes cheeses again!

Lady Victoria drop toe holds Mercedes

"What? A rematch?"

"Ouch! My arm."

Mercedes slams Tiny Tim

After a hard fought match

"Look at me!"

Mercedes makes her entrance in HPW

Mercedes in pain

and more pain!

what an innocent smile

Mercedes can't believe Victoria kicked out

Mercedes feels it!

Mercedes has Diva in a headlock