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Mercedes vs. Whipme Spearz 3/1

Mercedes vs. Sin-D 2/7

Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim 2/2

Mercedes vs. Syren 2/1

Mercedes vs. Sonya Blackhawk 1/24

Mercedes and Lady Victoria vs. Tiny Tim and Mr. Main Event 1/18

Battle Royal 10/26

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Ok, here's how this works....Find any two matches from the ones listed and this is the base of your tape! Purchase the two matches at the base price of $ 10.00 (this includes all shipping and handling). Add any matches on for $ 3.00 a piece. If you have any questions on pricing feel free to e-mail me. Ordering information is at the bottom of the page

More matches will be added to the selection regularly. Here's the list...
V019- "The Bombshell" Mercedes vs. Syren...Syren gets a shot at Mercedes' HPW ladies title. Mercedes finds every way that she can to punish the young rookie! Watch this match as it gets real intense!

V017- "The Bombshell" Mercedes vs. The Diva...This is the first round of a very controversial ladies tournament in Indiana. Mercedes, the rule breaker, won't let anything stand in her way of becoming champ!

V018- "The Bombshell" Mercedes vs. Lexie Fyfe...This is the final round of the controversial ladies tournament in Indiana. This is the particular match in which everyone claims that photographer, HG Kosteck interfered in the action. See for yourself in this heated matchup!

V015- Macaela Mercedes teams up with partner, Apollo Star to take on The Diva and Tiny Tim in an intergender tag match. This match gets wild as Macaela and Apollo throw out all rules and resort to playing very dirty! Took place 10/02

V016- Macaela Mercedes and The Diva take part in a different kind of match than usual. We throw on our evening gowns and battle it out in the ring. This is by far not a typical evening gown match! There is real wrestling throughout the whole thing!Took place 7/02. note: there is a little tracking problem at the bottem of the screen but it does not interfere with the picture.

V001- "The Bombshell" Macaela Mercedes vs. The Diva w/Apollo Star...In this match Macaela and The Diva both throw all the rules out the door. See this interesting match for the vacant CIWI women's belt. Took place 9/02

V002- "The Bombshell" Macaela Mercedes vs. Whipme Spearz...Macaela ignores the rules and shows this he/she who's boss in this matchup. This is round one of a ladies tournament. Took place 9/02

V003- Macaela Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim...This is truly one of Macaela's best matches ever! Playing by all the rules, Macaela uses a mix of technical and high flying moves! Took place 8/02

V004- Macaela Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim...Macaela and Tiny Tim demonstrate another high flying matchup. This is where Macaela demonstrates her 450 splash for the first time! Took place 8/02

V005- Macaela Mercedes and The Diva vs. Lady Vendetta and Moonpuppy...Macaela and The Diva team up for the first time ever to take on the rule breaking team of Lady Vendetta and Moonpuppy.note: This match is filmed from further away then others but you can still see it. Took place 5/02

V006- Macaela Mercedes vs. The Diva...Macaela defends her WWA women's title against the rule breaking Diva. An exciting match top to bottom! Took place 5/02

V007- "The Bombshell" Macaela Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim vs. American Kickboxer...Tiny Tim defends his light weight title against double teaming Macaela Mercedes and American Kickboxer.Another exciting match up! Took place 5/02

V008- Macaela Mercedes vs. Lexie Fyfe with special guest referee The Diva...Rule breaker, Lexie Fyfe brings in her special referee The Diva thinking that it will help her defeat Macaela. Watch how her plan backfires on her! Took place 3/02

V009- Macaela Mercedes vs. Lexie Fyfe and The Diva in a handicap match...After several months of interference from The Diva in Macaela's matches against Lexie, Macaela finally gets them both!Watch as Macaela has the disadvantage against this team with Tiny Tim ringside. note: There is a man standing in front of the camera a lot, however you can still see the action! Took place 2/02

V010- "The Bombshell" Macaela Mercedes vs. Lady Victoria vs. Lexie Fyfe vs. Mia Martinez... Lady Victoria defends her CIWI women's title in a 4 way match. Watch as alliances are formed and then shattered! Took place 2/02

V011- "The Bombshell" Macaela Mercedes vs. Lady Victoria...A cocky Macaela does everything in her power to punish Lady Victoria. Took place 1/02

V012- "The Bombshell" Macaela Mercedes vs. Lady Victoria...A rematch from last month (see above). Lady Victoria gets revenge! Took place 2/02

V013- Macaela Mercedes vs. Lexie Fyfe...Lexie brings her clique ringside (Tiny Tim and The Diva) as she goes one on one with Macaela. This is a really great match up! Took place 1/02

V014- Macaela Mercedes and Nick Rivers vs. The Diva and Tiny Tim...Fan favorites, Macaela and Nick, face off with The Diva and Tiny Tim in a mixed tag match. Very exciting! Took place 11/01

To order: Send an e-mail to with the videos you are interested in. I will send you a price and the mailing address. As soon as I recieve your check or money order, I will send out your tape promptly, which will already be made!